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Fantasy Basketball Top Fives

Fantasy Basketball Top Fives Aaand we’re back! Number 1 pick for 2011-2012 (photo courtesy of mister35.wordpress.com) Welcome back to another season of Fantasy Basketball! In what seemed like a season lost to the NBA lockout, the players and owners were finally able to cut a deal that both sides agreed to. The NBA will start off with each team playing 2 preseason games before heading into a 66 game season. With the first regular season game tipping... Read More

Who is Jonas Valanciunas?

Shocked. That’s how I felt once I heard the Toronto Raptors’ only draft pick of 2011 being called by David Stern. It was only a few weeks prior to the draft when Bryan Colangelo proclaimed that if Brandon Knight fell to the Raptors, he would not have to drop any further. As Utah drafted Enes Kanter with the third overall pick, Torontonians were already thinking of what clever nicknames they could bestow the next Raptors point guard. Cleveland... Read More

Another Euro in Jonas Valanciunas?

Fifth overall pick, Jonas Valancunias. Cue all the groans. Before I begin, I must admit that I was one of those Raptor fans who were completely excited over the Utah Jazz selecting Enes Kanter at number three. But after the Raptors made their selection, I thought that we blew our chances of landing Brandon Knight, Bismack Biyombo or even Kemba Walker. Those players were the most popular topics of discussion amongst the Toronto Raptors fan base... Read More

Welcome Aboard, Dwane Casey

Toronto Raptors new head coach, Dwane Casey (Courtesy: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images) The Raptors announced the signing of Dwane Casey as their new coach for two years at $3 million after declining the option of Jay Triano’s contract. Similar to Tom Thibodeau in Boston, Casey as an assistant coach led his Dallas Mavericks to a championship with his defensive schemes in the NBA finals before leaving for another team as a head coach. Loaded... Read More

NBA DRAFT 2011: What’s the Scenario?

The NBA Draft is only a couple of days away and our Red of Tooth and Claw Mock lottery is on its finishing touches. As the media continuously overstates the lack of talent within this draft, Kyrie Irving has maintained atop most mock drafts even though he refused to attend the athleticism testing at the combines, refused to work out against other prospects, and refused to work out for teams other than the Cavaliers. Draft work outs are well on... Read More